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September 13, 2018 2 min read

When it comes to choosing which natural spring water you, your family or your employees will drink, it’s important to know where it’s sourced. And with so many natural spring water brands available, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best. Since 1994 Big Springs Natural Spring Water (a 100% Australian, family owned and operated business) has sourced pure, premium natural spring waterfrom a single source at the foothills of the Flakney Ranges (30 kilometres south-east of Wagga Wagga).

The Big Springs Natural Spring Water single source spring water well is only 3-4 metres underground. Since European settlement, the naturally rising spring water in the foothills of the Flakney Ranges has been used as a water supply for surrounding farms. The springs are natural pondages and not from far beneath the earth. Some spring water suppliers have very deep bores 50-90 metres underground. This bore water is then processed and labelled ‘natural spring water’. As the water is extracted from great depths it is often hard water with a total dissolved solids (TDS) above 200. 

What makes Big Springs Natural Spring Water taste so good?

Big Springs Natural Spring Water  has the ideal mineral composition required by the human body. With a low TDS it has a sweet, crisp clean taste and is 100% pure with no preservatives or additives. Our single source natural spring water is also ideal to prepare coffee, tea and other beverages.

We’ve undergone all relevant accreditation, inspection and testing procedures and are in the top 5% of internationally recognised bottling plants for spring water source, processes, controls, plant and all operational procedures. Big Springs Natural Spring Water undergoes stringent laboratory testing including:

  • Daily in-house testing and monitoring
  • Weekly external laboratory testing and monitoring
  • Monthly, annually and four yearly external NATA registered laboratory testing and monitoring

Get your single source natural spring water here.

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