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Top 5 science-based health benefits of drinking enough water every day

Posted on 06 September 2018

Did you know that the human body is composed of almost 70% water? With the minimum daily recommendation for water consumption being 8 glasses, it’s good to know why drinking more water can benefit you.

1 Drinking more water can boost your physical performance

If you don’t stay hydrated when you’re exercising, your physical performance can suffer, particularly on warm days. Dehydration can result in increased fatigue, reduced motivation, while your body temperature control will be affected. You’ll also find that exercising feels a lot more difficult than if you were hydrated.

When you consider that losing up to 2% of your body’s water content can impact your physical performance, it makes sense that you stay hydrated by drinking enough water before, during and after you exercise.

2 Drinking more water can help you lose weight

Drinking more water everyday can help boost your metabolic rate and help you lose weight. Recent studies suggest that drinking 500 ml of water can increase metabolism by 24-30% for up to 90 minutes.

If you drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your meals, you will feel more full and consume less food.

3 Drinking more water can improve your brain function and energy levels

Did you know that even mild dehydration (1-3% of your body weight) could negatively impact your brain function? If you are dehydrated your energy, performance and ability to think clearly will be compromised. Drinking more water everyday helps your body stay hydrated and healthy.

4 Drinking enough water every day may help treat kidney stones

An increase in water intake every day can reduce the risk of kidney stones forming. Urinary stones are composed of mineral crystals in the urinary system. When they are formed in the kidneys, they’re known as kidney stones.

When you increase your daily intake of water, the volume of urine passing through your kidneys increases resulting in the mineral concentration diluting, helping to prevent kidney stones forming.

5 Drinking more water everyday can help relieve constipation

Did you know that low water consumption is a cause of constipation? Increasing your intake of water everyday can relieve and prevent constipation and/or infrequent bowel movements occurring.

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