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September 20, 2018 2 min read

The key differences between spring water and filtered water

With the growing awareness that sugar-laden drinks aren’t good for your health, more people are appreciating that water is the best and healthiest way to stay hydrated. But with so many choices of water available, it can be hard to figure out which is the best type of water for you, your family and your workplace.

Filtered water refers to the water from water filtration systems that are connected to the mains water. Big Springs water filters are a twin system filtration system that has a combination of fine sediment and carbon filtration.

The fine sediment is used to remove and larger particles or matter including sand, food matter, algae or dust. The silver impregnated carbon block for chemical, taste and odour removal. While water filtration systems don’t offer a natural product, they do vastly improve the taste of normal municipal water supply.

Big Springs Natural Spring Water is a 100% natural product that has no chlorine or fluoride added to it. We source our natural spring water from a 4-metre spring that is naturally fed by an aquifer. This water is filtered through fine sands and granite resulting in low total dissolved solids (TDS), which gives the water a sweet taste compared to hard water with a high TDS.

Our Natural Spring Water is extracted from a single source. We use UV, fine-micron and silver ion technology to ensure that our water is pure and clear of any contaminates. The result is pure, delicious, natural spring water rich in natural minerals.

Where to get the best spring water and water filters in Australia

Since 1994 Big Springs Natural Spring Water has been renowned for its pure and fresh taste. We locally source our Natural Spring Water from one site located at the foothills of the Flakney Ranges (30 kilometres south-east of Wagga Wagga, NSW). With superior mineral composition our 15L spring water bottles are only $12 (GST free), have a no-spill spike system and are delivered free of charge, straight to your door. Every 15L spring water bottle that's returned is thoroughly cleaned, refilled and delivered.

Get the best natural spring water in Australia here.

Would you like to get unlimited fresh water at your home or workplace for a fixed cost? Big Springs Natural Spring Water provides water filters for hire or purchase for homes and workplaces around Australia. Our water filtration systems are compact and connect to the main water supply and offer cool/cold and hot/cold options. The filters ensure all bacteria, sediment, and contaminants are removed from the water before you drink it.

Before we install your water filtration unit, a Big Springs specialist will inspect and assess your workplace or home requirements. They’ll then prepare a customised quote, which will include estimated plumbing costs. Our servicing includes an annual filter changeover (for both the carbon and sediment filters) and a service and clean every 6 months. If your water filtration system malfunctions or breaks down, we'll replace it free of charge with a new system.

Find out more about Big Springs water filters here.

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