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September 27, 2018 2 min read

Why all workplaces need to have water coolers

How many glasses of water do your employees drink everyday to stay hydrated? If they don’t have access to water coolers it may be hard for them to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

If your employees are dehydrated, they’ll be more prone to fatigue, confusion, headaches and a decrease in cognitive function. When your workplace has water coolers your employees will have easy access to clean, great tasting water. And depending on what type of workplace water cooler you choose, your employees will get access to cool and cold or hot & cold water. From a perfectly chilled glass of pure water to a hot cup of tea or coffee. Our workplace water coolers give your employees access to fresh, clean water. 

Workplaces are legally required to provide cool water

Did you know that if your workplace doesn’t have water coolers for your employees, you won’t be compliant with Occupational Health and Safety Laws? And while having a kitchen sink to provide drinking water used to be acceptable, today it’s not.

Workplace and Safety Laws are based on national model legislation and apply throughout Australia, except Western Australia and Victoria where previous Occupational Health and Safety Laws still apply. Here’s a summary of what workplaces must provide for their employees hydration:

  • Drinking water to be separate from washing facilities
  • Clean drinking water to be available for employees at all times
  • Drinking water to be free of charge with one drinking point for 40 employees and within 30 metres from them
  • Drinking water to be cool, palatable, safe for consumption and clean
  • To provide disposable or washable drinking containers so employees don't need to share them

Find out more information about the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines endorsed by the National Medical Research Council here.

Safe Work Australia offers free advice to businesses regarding workplace health and safety requirements and will advise of the legal requirements for workplace drinking water. Here is a link to the Model Code of Practice: Managing the work environment and facilities.

Where to get the best water coolers in Australia

Since 1994, Big Springs Natural Spring Water has offered water coolers for hire or purchase for workplaces around Australia. Once the water cooler has been installed, we’ll regularly maintain it. And if the workplace water cooler unexpectedly breaks or malfunctions we’ll replace it free of charge. Do you have more than one workplace?

Call or contact us for a customised quote.

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