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November 25, 2021 3 min read

Obviously we all need access to clean water on a day-to-day basis, but what are the advantages of equipping your office with a water cooler that dispenses natural spring water?


#1 – A hydrated worker is a productive worker

Did you know that water can be better for waking you up in the morning than coffee? Part of the reason we all feel a little groggy and sluggish when we first get out of bed is that our body hasn’t consumed any liquid since the night before.

Even a 2% drop in hydration levels can affect your employees’ productivity. By having natural spring water delivered to the office regularly, you can ensure that your employees can hydrate themselves in the morning – either with an ice-cold cup of water on its own, or boiling water in their coffee/tea. Either way, this will keep them sharp.


#2 – It’s a requirement under Australian Occupational Health & Safety Laws

In Australia, every workplace – whether it’s a corporate office, commercial shop, industrial warehouse or otherwise – legally must provide clean drinking water to its employees at all times.

Arranging a water dispenser and regular spring water delivery for the office is an easy way to ensure this is always the case; thereby protecting you from workplace complaints and other potential legal issues.


#3 – It leaves a lasting impression on your clients

Why not give your clients something to sip on in the conference room? The devil is in the detail, and by treating your clients to pure, crisp and delicious natural spring water (either chilled or in coffee and tea) you make them that little bit more comfortable in your office.


#4 – Water is the most straightforward (and essential) amenity available

Along with clean air, drinkable water is one of the most important environmental amenities at our disposal. By having your office water supplied by a reliable natural spring water delivery service (like Big Springs Natural Spring Water), you can rest assured that this is taken care of.

Regardless of any plumbing issues that might disrupt regular water supply to the building, your employees will have consistent access to mineral-rich spring water (which, in the case of Big Springs, is singularly sourced and naturally filtered by the gravel of the Flakney Ranges).


#5 – Natural spring water is the best alternative to energy drinks and soft drinks

When employees are having a busy day at work, they will typically eat/drink what’s put in front of them. If your office has a fridge full of ice-cold soft drinks, energy drinks and other sugary beverages, you can bet that your staff will drink them.

But if you put an office water dispenser in the kitchen or staff room, watch how quickly employees start opting for a few cups of water throughout the day instead of the unhealthier alternatives.


Arrange a water dispenser and natural spring water delivery for your office

Big Springs Natural Spring Water supplies thousands of offices with convenient and affordable access to natural spring water, office water coolers, water bubblers, bottle racks and stands.

Our dispensers are available for both short- and long-term rental, or you can purchase them outright. Replenishing your water supply is as easy as filling out our online form. To speak with a friendly member of our team, drop us a line on (02) 6921 7164 or email today.

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