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Why Big Springs?

Local Service

Keep it local and drink it fresh! Choose the spring water company that supports the local community.

We employee local people who provide friendly and customer orientated service.

At Big Springs we take pride in knowing our customers by name and not by a customer number. We see the shortcomings of the service provided by multinational organisations as an opportunity to do much better. We are committed to our customers and vow never to have call centres.

If you run out of water or have an issue with your cooler, we won’t keep you waiting, we will get to you as soon as we can with no additional charge.

Premium Product

Our spring water is locally sourced and doesn’t travel 1000’s of kilometres to get to you.

We follow best practice for our water treatment.

Our spring water is carefully extracted from a single source. We do not use water from multiple locations.

Most importantly, we use natural spring water and do not use town water, bore water or other water sources that can be used by other bottled water suppliers.

Better Value

At only $77 for your first 12 months water cooler rental and $12.00 per 15L bottle, Big Springs is as competitive as they come.

Unlike some competitors, we have no minimum order requirements, fuel charges or delivery fees.

Feel free to contact us for a comparative quote against an alternate supplier. We will make sure you receive the most affordable deal.