Big Springs Water Locally Sourced Pure Natural Spring Water

Big Springs Natural Spring Water: 100% locally sourced, pure, premium natural spring water with no preservatives or additives

When it comes to choosing natural spring water for your office or home, it’s important to know where your natural spring water originates. Big Springs Natural Spring water is pure, premium spring water that rises naturally to the surface of the foothills of the Flakney Ranges, 30 kilometres south-east of Wagga Wagga.

Tucked away in a pristine valley, the natural spring waters of Big Springs run through underground ducts to Big Springs Station. Our world-class quality water is 100% pure with no preservatives or additives and is naturally filtered through gravel and sand. Containing naturally occurring fluoride, Big Springs Natural Spring Water fluoride levels are 1 part fluoride per 1 million parts water (1.0 ppm). This level of fluoride has been attributed to significant dental health benefits.

To ensure you get the highest quality natural spring water we have undergone all relevant accreditation, inspection and testing procedures and are in the top 5% of internationally recognised bottling plants for spring water source, processes, controls, plant and all operational procedures.


Big Springs Water accreditation includes:

  • Annual accreditation of independent HACCP
  • Annual certification of Plant Operators.


Big Springs Natural Spring Water undergoes stringent laboratory testing including:

  • Daily in-house testing and monitoring
  • Weekly external laboratory testing and monitoring
  • Monthly, annually and four yearly external NATA registered laboratory testing and monitoring


Big Springs Natural Spring Water is compliant with and has the following accreditations:

  • Wagga Wagga City Council: consent to operate a bottling factor
  • Wagga Wagga City Council: Food Premise Inspection
  • NSW Food Act 2003: compliant
  • NSW Food Regulation Act 2004 (incorporating the National Food Safety Standards Code): compliant


What makes Big Springs Natural Spring Water taste so good?

With so many natural spring water brands available in Australia now, it can be hard to work out which one is the best. Big Springs Natural Spring Water tastes so good because:

  • The Big Springs Natural Spring Water well is only 3-4 metres underground.
    Many other natural spring water suppliers have very deep wells 50-90 metres underground.
    This bore water is then processed into ‘natural spring water’.
  • There are very few elements in Big Springs Natural Spring Water so it has a sweet, pure, crisp clean taste.
    Our water is 100% pure with no preservatives or additives.
  • Big Springs Natural Spring Water has minerals in it with low TDS (total dissolved solids).
    Town water in many regional towns and cities is produced by reverse osmosis where the minerals are taken out

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