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Buy Premium Quality Natural Spring Water in Bulk

Need to buy water bottles in bulk? Big Springs Natural Spring Water offers an efficient and reliable supply of wholesale spring water for competitive prices in Australia. We can supply you with as much bottled water as you need, with a very convenient and straightforward system for placing your order (or multiple orders).

We package our natural spring water in 15L bottles, which are 100% recyclable and BPA-free. If you require a consistent ongoing supply of wholesale spring water, our friendly team can pick up the empty bottles, refill them and send them back to you as needed.

Operating from our Big Springs Station on the outskirts of Wagga Wagga, Big Springs Natural Spring Water provides fast delivery anywhere in NSW, ACT and northern Victoria. Simply submit our online form and we’ll take care of the rest!


Why buy bottled water in bulk in Australia?

There’s a whole host of benefits to buying bottled water in bulk. Firstly, there’s the quality of the water. When you invest in a large amount of premium quality natural spring water, you can rest assured that your household or company employees have a substantial supply of pure, crisp and clean water that’s rich in minerals.

Secondly, there’s the cost benefits. At Big Springs Natural Spring Water, we offer a discount that grows in relation to the quantity of bottles ordered – so the more you buy, the bigger the discount gets. If you’re going to be purchasing bottled spring water on a regular basis for the home or workplace, it might be better to buy in bulk.

Sustainability is another factor – each 15L water bottle that you order from Big Springs will replace 1400 plastic 600ml bottles over its lifecycle.


Get wholesale spring water without compromising on quality

  • Our natural spring water is singularly sourced from the Flakney Ranges, and naturally filtered by the sands and gravel of the riverbed
  • There are no additives or preservatives
  • Big Springs Natural Spring Water contains the ideal composition of minerals that the human body requires for optimal function
  • We have more than 25 years’ experience supplying top quality water to 6000+ homes and businesses
  • Our team is meticulous about regular quality testing to ensure our natural spring water is 100% pure, crisp and clean at all times
  • Need dispensers and accessories? We carry a wide range of water coolers, water filters, water bubblers and bottle racks available for hire or for purchase


Speak to a member of our team today

For more information about buying bottled water in bulk from Big Springs Natural Spring Water, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call (02) 6921 7164 during normal business hours or email and we’ll respond to your query as soon as we can.