Contemporary Freestanding Water Filtration System - Monthly Hire


Hire a freestanding contemporary water filtration system (including installation, servicing and filter changes) for only $55.00 a month

Would you like unlimited cool/cold and hot/cold fresh water for your home or workplace at a fixed cost? Big Springs contemporary water filtration systems connect to the main water supply, are compact and stylish. Our sediment and carbon filters ensure all bacteria, sediment, and contaminants are removed from the water. Before we install your freestanding contemporary water filtration unit, one of our specialists will assess and inspect your home or workplace. We will then prepare a customised quote (including plumbing costs). Big Springs monthly hire servicing includes an annual filter changeover (for both the carbon and sediment filters) and a service and clean every 6 months. If your water filtration system breaks down or malfunctions, it will be replaced free of charge with a new one.

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