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Spring Water (12L One-Way)

Minimum order for this product is 10 x 12L bottles.

Big Springs 12L single use spring water bottles are water cooler friendly, BPA free and ready for single use requirements. Perfect for worksites, construction, travelling and recreational consumption.

Since 1994, our locally acquired natural spring water has gained a reputation for its pristine and refreshing flavour. We obtain this water from a select source situated at the base of the Flakney Ranges. With an exceptional mineral composition, our 12L bottles of spring water are priced at just $12.99 (excluding GST) and can be effortlessly placed on your coolerensuring that your family and employees can savour the most delicious water throughout the year. We offer complimentary delivery of our 12L spring water bottles directly to your doorstep.

Are you currently using a different water cooler dispenser but wish to experience the unique taste of our natural spring water? Big Springs' 12L bottles of spring water can easily be used with various other water cooler dispensers.

GST Free.

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