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Freestanding Water Filtration System - Monthly Hire

Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
Cup Holder

Hire a freestanding water filtrations system for only $49.50 a month (includes installation, servicing and filter changes)

Get unlimited fresh water for your workplace or home at a fixed cost. Big Springs water filtration systems are compact and connect to the main water supply and offer cool/cold and hot/cold options. Our filters ensure all sediment, bacteria and contaminants are removed from the water before you drink it. Before installing your water filtration unit, a Big Springs specialist will inspect and assess your workplace or home requirements. They will then prepare a customised quote, which includes plumbing costs.

Our servicing includes an annual filter changeover (for both the sediment and carbon filters) and a clean and service every 6 months. In the event your water filtration system malfunctions or breaks down, we will replace it free of charge with a new system.

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