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April 15, 2019 3 min read

Why is water better for you than soft drink?

Did you know that Australians are in the top 10 consumers of soft drinks per capita in the world? Recent estimates are that Australians consume 1.28 billion litres of soft drinks sweetened with sugar (including cola drinks, cordials, flavoured mineral waters, fruit and vegetable drinks with added sugar, and energy drinks). And with no plans for soft drink taxes anytime soon, it’s useful to know why reducing soft drink consumption can be good for your health.

5 reasons why it's good to reduce your soft drink consumption

We love having a cool soft drink now and again and aren’t suggesting you cut them out entirely. The 5 reasons to reduce your soft drink consumption below may help you decide to cut back a bit.

1 Soft drinks can contribute to obesity

With an average 375ml can of cola containing at least 10 teaspoons of sugar, regular consumption of them can dramatically increase your daily energy intake. The kilojoules from drinking soft drinks can lead to an increase in obesity and weight gain because food intake isn’t reduced to compensate for the soft drink consumption.

2 Your appetite can increase with soft drink consumption

Some studies have indicated that drinking soft drinks can stimulate your appetite and stop you from feeling full, resulting in you eating more.

3 Drinking soft drinks can reduce consumption of calcium rich drinks

It’s not uncommon for people who consume soft drinks to reduce their consumption of calcium rich drinks like milk. This can have concerning consequences for bone mass levels, especially in young people who haven’t reached their peak bone mass.

4 Bone mineral density strength can reduce because of soft drink consumption

Some studies have suggested that cola soft drink consumption can result in lower bone mineral density in women. The phosphoric acid in the cola soft drink leaches calcium from the bones, leading to a greater risk of osteoporosis.

5 Tooth decay can increase with soft drink consumption

When you drink soft drink regularly, the high amount of sugar in them results in tooth decay. And with diet soft drinks having higher levels of acid in them, your tooth enamel weakens resulting in cavities.


The top 5 benefits of drinking water

While consuming more water regularly can help you reduce your soft drink consumption, there are other benefits to drinking water you may not know about.

1 Drinking water can boost energy and relieve tiredness

Because your brain is mostly composed of water, drinking more water can help you focus better and feel more alert and energetic.

2 Drinking water improves your complexion

When you increase your water intake, the moisture content of your skin improves, keeping it fresh, glowing and more youthful looking.

3 Drinking water can promote weight loss

When you increase your water intake, particularly before meals, your hunger levels subside so you’re less likely to eat as much. And because water has zero calories, you can drink as much as you like without putting on weight.

4 Drinking water can relieve headaches

Dehydration can sometimes lead to headaches occurring. Increasing your intake of water can help relieve and prevent headaches from occurring.

5 Drinking water flushes out toxins and maintains regularity

Drinking water not only helps flush out your toxins, it helps you digest your food and can prevent constipation.

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