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March 07, 2022 2 min read

It’s no secret that single-use plastic, in any form, is bad for the environment. There are plenty of studies that reveal alarming statistics regarding the negative impact single-use plastic has on our planet, with new and equally grim research emerging all the time.

While awareness of the issue is steadily growing, approximately one million plastic bottles are still being bought across the globe every single minute. Not only does it take vast amounts of oil to produce these bottles (which are also near-impossible to biodegrade), but the pollution caused by plastic bottles extends to our own personal health, as well.

The Guardian recently published a study concerning the microplastic content found in various brands of bottled water around the world. The findings? A staggering 90% of the bottled water that was tested contained microplastics. For a bit of context, microplastics are tiny fragments of broken down plastic which – when ingested into our bodies – can cause allergic reactions, cell death and other harmful long-term effects.


What about returnable spring water bottles?

Returnable water bottles are exponentially better than their single-use plastic counterparts when it comes to the environment, your health, and even your wallet. First of all, by returning your bottle to be refilled, you’re immediately bowing out of the 60 million plastic bottles that end up in landfill every single day (yes, you read that right).

As an example, every 15L bottle of Big Springs Natural Spring Water replaces 1400 plastic 600ml bottles over the course of its lifecycle. We even retrieve these bottles from the households and businesses that we supply, refill them with natural spring water and send them back to be used again.

This process saves:

  • Pollution (no plastic finding its way into our oceans, or additional oil being used in producing more bottles to replace disposable ones)
  • Health issues (our bottles are 100% BPA-free)
  • Money (we offer discounted prices for buying in bulk, which ensures an uninterrupted supply of pure, crisp and mineral-rich drinking water while also cutting down on the pollution associated with repeated transport costs)


Convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly returnable spring water bottles

Big Springs Natural Spring Water supplies naturally-filtered water from the Flakney Ranges to more than 6000 satisfied clients across NSW, ACT and northern Victoria. In addition to using fully recyclable and BPA-free returnable spring water bottles, our bottling facility runs on 100% renewable energy.

We even supply you with coolers, racks, stands, cups and other accessories to make the process of switching to more sustainable water supply solutions even easier. With Big Springs Natural Spring Water, there’s no need to resort to environmentally harmful single-use plastic bottles anymore.


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