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Win your Workplace Warrior 1 of 3 $100 Bunnings vouchers!

Every workplace has one. The unsung hero of the office, your workplace warrior!
She always offers make others a cup of tea.
He never forgets the milk.
Whether they bring donuts on Fridays or make sure the loos are stocked with TP.
They have one thing in common, they are our true team players. 
They're the first ones in the office and crank the AC to cool the place down in summer.
They're the last to leave and make sure the bins are out.
They clean old sandwiches out of the fridge, and change the water on the water cooler.
And today, we salute them.


Now's your chance to say Thanks!


We're giving away 3 x $100 Bunnings vouchers to 3 Workplace Warriors!!

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